About the Artist

I am Gwenevere Singley, an illustrator, animator, concept artist, cartoonist, and all-around art wrangler residing in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to fielding a broad range of commercial work, I am also the mastermind of the Wayward Queen webcomic, mistress of a horde of questionable Ink Imps, and source of a myriad other oddities that percolate at intervals from the Gwenesphere. This shop features artwork and related items created by me – here you can find a selection of original art currently available for sale, plus prints and other products featuring my artwork.

I am also available for commissions or commercial work! For my professional portfolio, visit www.gwensingley.com. For inquiries about custom art commissions, email me at gs@gwensingley.com.

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Questions about your order, products, or issues using this site? Contact me at gs@gwensingley.com.