The Queen Quibbles

Man, that's a lot of blather...

Page Ten: The Queen Quibbles

It’s the Queen versus her Cabinet! A not infrequent occurrence at the Palace…

The officious lady with the clipboard is Mrs. Cornelia Bailiwick-Stout, head of the QPC (Queen Preservation Committee.) (AKA the Queen’s Protection Committee.) The QPC is ostensibly dedicated to preserving the Queen’s safety, but their real agenda is to prevent the Queen from wandering, concerned that she endangers herself and the stability of the realm by continually straying from the palace. Their efforts are invariably futile. NOBODY can keep the Queen at home!

The dude in the weird hat is Slope, who we met on the previous page. He’s the Royal Publicity Manager, a highly important cabinet position. Slope and the Queen are both of the opinion that government ought to be entertaining, so they get along swell. Character development for Slope and Mrs. Bailiwick-Stout can be seen on here on my sketch blog, Queen Gwenevere’s Ramblings.

And no, this isn’t about to turn into a giant Original Character Tournament… Although that would totally work, now I think of it…







5 responses to “The Queen Quibbles”

  1. P.M.

    I really like the designs of those characters. They fit their respective roles perfectly!

    1. Thanks! They were some of the easiest characters to design, for some reason they just kind of happened naturally… And Slope ended up looking a lot like a guy who used to run one of the businesses in my neighborhood who had this perpetually mellow attitude, which was perfect for the part.

  2. Diana HND

    Your Majesty, you forget that you can also leave ALL the work to the heir, heh heh heh.

    You know, the “getting an heir” part really IS a conveniently available idea for an OCT… :O
    (Not to mention you’ll get swarmed with hundreds of auditions if you do host it, wow and yikes XD)

    1. Not only that, the way the Queen’s world works would be alarmingly perfect for an OCT… (And what’s really scary is I didn’t even know what OCTs were when I started this comic.)

      But I think if I hosted an OCT I’d probably lose whatever shreds of sanity I still have…

      1. Diana_hnd

        Alas, that, too, is just as possible…. @_@;

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