Easy Bargain

Living up to their name...

Page One Hundred and Three: Easy Bargain

The Wrecking Crew at work! They have far too much fun at their job. The thug with the gun is Carnage, boss of the Wrecking Crew. Cadaver is floating in the foreground, officially dead but still on the job whether anyone wants him to be or not. Erroneous and Iris are having fun with decapitation in the background, and in the way back is Cudgel looking for something to whack. (I make no guarantees about the accuracy of that gun. It’s sort of a hybrid revolver, based on a mish-mosh of various old revolvers. Probably a custom one-off, mass-production is rare in this world.)

(Sorry this is so late! Yes, I’m still in grisly deadline mode, stuff is due Monday, waaaaagggh…)







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