Elusive Varmint

Everything's better with squirrels!

Page 113: Elusive Varmint

Carnage is not a happy camper. Not even squirrels can help. But Erroneous has a plan! Maybe…

(Yes, absurdly off-schedule again, sorry, there was Thanksgiving, and then there was a pile of work-related tasks to slog through… Uuuugh, ALMOST done with this crazy project. Of course these jobs always get craziest near the end, so bear with us here.)

(Weird random techno is getting me through this week. Wheee.)

Oh, I forgot to mention! I’ve added paging to the archives, so it should be a bit easier to navigate through past pages now. I haven’t styled them yet, so currently the paging links are really small links way down at the bottom left of the archive pages. (I’ll pretty them up when I get time.)







2 responses to “Elusive Varmint”

  1. Oliver

    … This plan involves Liquor, right?

    1. …He wishes it did.

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