What a foul festering mouth you've got there!

Page 125: Curses!

Professional cursing! By a master of the craft! And what is Erro up to…? Only Erro knows!

Ugh, sorry for pretty much vanishing this week… It was the Week of Ultimate Final Deadlines on this job that’s been dragging on since… uh…… last February. *Sobs* But! IT’S DONE! The thing that’s been eating all my time is finished, wrapped up, totally out of my hair at last! (The last part should be live next week, I think. I’ll post links when it’s all live, because, why not.)

So this means… Regular updates, maybe!? And… I can go draw stuff! Anything I want! I have free time! I want to draw ALL THE THINGS! (Well, except I think I’m getting repetitive stress problems in both arms from all the repetitive and stressful animation I had to churn out in the past couple of weeks. Ugh. I should behave for a few days. But I don’t wanna.)







2 responses to “Curses!”

  1. Oliver Cook

    Erro… You’re not planning to hog the reward money for yourself, huh? Don’t lie, I can tell.

    1. Erro? Being sneaky and nicking all the cash? Naaaaaaah, would he do that? XD

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