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Page 137: Counterplots

Well. NOW things are about to get messy. Nothing like a little infighting to spice things up! This is what happens if you throw your team a bone and expect them to compete for it. Especially if your team is made up of people with dubious ethics.

And yes, of course the Red Witches use their feathers as wands! Athena’s spells tend to affect judgment and will. (I’m seriously going to regret using rhymes, aren’t I…) (We’ll see how long THAT lasts, haha.)

Hmmm. I’m still fairly far behind on my buffer, so whether I can do two updates next week may depend how productive I am over the weekend. Gonna try to make some progress, anyway! In any case, next update should hopefully be around Monday/Tuesday this time.







2 responses to “Counterplots”

  1. Oliver Cook

    One thing is certain: You were right about the Red Witches. They are… *ahem* bitches.

    1. Bitchin’ in style!

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