Graceful Exit

More gears! Need more gears!

Page 154: Graceful Exit

Well, that’s one way to flee, I guess… Not the most elegant way, but whatever works! (And yes, this page took FOREVER. Especially since this is one of the pages that got rained on and it got all warped and it took a lot of wrangling to salvage the inking I’d already done. Plus the warping made it awfully tricky to scan. GOSH DANG IT I WORKED HARD FOR THIS PAGE.) (Comics and rain, they do not mix well.)

You know, I think we’d better just assume that updates are on Thursdays. At least until Summer ends. So next update, um, next Thursday?







2 responses to “Graceful Exit”

  1. Diana-hnd

    Well, I gotta applaud your effort in fixing up the page. I certainly don’t see evidence of rain damage here!

    Very intricate background here (then again, at least 90% of your background stuff is like that XD), looks like mining used to happen here. Awful lot of gears though, so maybe it’s more than just mining stuff that used to happen here, hrmm.

    Vitalia better NOT let go of that device, it’s her only lifeline from that really, really DEEP drop! OAO

    1. I’m not sure exactly what all that machinery was for, but I do know hydraulics are involved somehow! And lots of gears, obviously. I imagine some of it is part of a water-powered generator. (I was looking at a lot of water-and-steam powered machinery for inspiration.)

      Haha, yep, that gizmo is pretty much all Vitalia has to cope with an emergency. Fighting ability? Zero. Parkour skills? Nada. Ninja tricks? Nope. Magical talent? Zip. Life skills in general? Not much. She’d better keep a firm grip on that thing. o_O

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