Turning Point

Is that your tummy gurgling or should we worry?

Page 178: Turning Point

Okay. OKAY. Oooooooooookaaaaaaay. Right. Yes. NEW PAGE. In which Iris persists in existing and may possibly have turned the wrong valve…

Sorry about the temporary hiatus, my deadlines sprouted extra deadlines that spawned a whole host of deadlinettes and things spiraled out of control from there… (Two migraines in a row and an unexpected radiator repair did NOT help at all, either.) However I think some of the deadlines are slightly more under control for the moment, so I’m posting this page now while I have a chance! Before tackling the NEXT thing that’s due… meep! D:

Things still look pretty crazy deadline-wise for the coming week, so I make no guarantees, but I’m gonna try getting the next page up next weekend. Status updates will be on my Twitter if it looks like this ain’t gonna happen.







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