Down the Tubes

Bath time for everybody!

Page 182: Down the Tubes

And this comic goes officially down the drain! Along with Vit and Iris! And that’s the last time I’ll have to draw that damn bucket conveyor, huzzah! Next up: whatever happened to the rest of the cast? Stay tuned!

AUGH so yeah, apologies for temporarily dropping off the face of the planet, there. I’m trying to prepare for two back-to-back conventions/workshops around the end of the month and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING and am running around in a state of frantic panic. (Among other things, I haven’t flown in years, HOW DO AIRPORTS WORK WHAT’S ALL THIS TSA STUFF I HAVE TO DO WHAT NOW PLASTIC BAGS HUH WHAT!?) On top of this I have a major project due before the end of the month. I may be hitting maximum capacity, here. So expect things to be crazy and sporadic until after the first week of June. I think it’ll be a relatively normal Summer after that, though.

Okay, so… I will attempt another update or two before the month is over (key word here being “attempt”…) Currently trying to get the next page up next Monday. (Status updates on my Twitter – I’ll try to remember to stay on top of that this time, I swear.)







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