Back on the Mammoth Ranch…

Doesn't anyone have a bomb?

Page 183: Back on the Mammoth Ranch…

Yes, we are BACK! Back to the comic, and back to the mammoths! My apologies for the long hiatus, this has been a crazy crazy year of back-to-back conventions, workshops, and deadlines. This was my first year of really doing conventions, too, so of course I had NO CLUE how to do any of this or how to manage my time while doing it, and a few things slipped (like this comic.) Now that I’m getting the hang of things, we can hopefully stay on track.

During the hiatus, I’ve also been trying to build up at least a small buffer to make this comic more manageable, because it was getting to be a major scramble keeping up with updates while juggling everything else.

Look out for weekly updates now on Fridays!

Since it’s been a while, I know some people might want to go back a bit and refresh their memory as to what in heck is going on here… So some handy links:

Go back to the entrance of the Mammoth-Bots…

Or go further back to the entrance of the Wrecking Crew, AKA the beginning of this whole fight-chase-craziness…

Or go all the way back to the arrival of our dubious heroes at Thornback Ridge…

Or go way the heck back to when our unlikely heroes first escaped the Wrecking Crew by zipping off to Thornback Ridge.

(Any further back and you may as well begin at the beginning.)







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