Something Slinky

Dressed for sssssuccesssss

Page 195: Something Slinky

Something Slinky This Way Comes… To confront THE BLACK BALALAIKA OF DOOM. Yes, Fursovitch lugs that thing around for a reason. Yes, this comic is about to get even more ridiculous and I’ve been looking forward to the next bit since forever. XD

(Why does Erro keep yacking to himself after he’s removed his ears… Oh, whatever, it’s Erroneous.) (And yes, we continue to leave the question open as to what Erro’s ears actually look like. Because I continue to be undecided as to whether they’re pointy or not. YOU DECIDE.)

Next page is still in the thumbnail stage, hoping to post it by the weekend; if not, it might be delayed for a week due to more crazy intensive workshops coming up (’tis the season.) Status updates are over in the sidebar as usual.







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