Rock and Roll

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Page 196: Rock and Roll

Okay, new page, finally! With drama galore, and the Black Balalaika of Doom! Can Fursovitch fiddle those nasty blues away? Stay tuned!

Since the last page, I’ve been Legendeering in the wilds of the Canadian Rockies with a bunch of crazy artists (which I should write up when I get a chance – Mountains! Glaciers! Bears! It was awesomesauce.) and have been hit with a crazy animation project where every other day is “oh hey here’s another huge list of changes and new scenes and can we have it all done by tomorrow morning?” and at the same time we’re in the middle of a nasty sweltering month-long heat wave and I have no air conditioning, so this is fun. (We should all know by now that Summer is a hot mess as far as regular updates go.)

Next page is in the thumbnail stage and I am swamped next week, but am hoping to wrangle the next update by next weekend. Status updates are over in the sidebar whenever I remember.







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