Secret Weapon

Jar of DOOM!

Page 204: Secret Weapon

WE’RE BACK! With the secret weapon of doom! Maybe. If it works. (Remember those electric snails we mentioned way back here? YES, that was not random filler! Everything has a purpose! No really!)

Ahahaha… So much for February. I think this month has been cursed. First I caught whatever Winter plague was going around, and then just as I was getting out from under that and finally caught up on deadlines, WHAM, migraines from Hell for about a week. YAY. Let’s try this again and see if we can get this comic moving at something faster than a snail’s pace for March…? Next page is thumbnailed, so that’s a good start – let’s aim for the next update around March 5? (And this time I’ll also try to remember to update the status in the sidebar. Ahem.)







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