When In Doubt…

It's a special present for you, Iris...

Page 211: When In Doubt…

When all else fails, blow it up! By the way, do you have any idea how difficult it is to find reference on what exactly happens when you throw a grenade? Especially an old-fashioned grenade? (This one is supposed to be circa late 1930’s…) There’s loads of reference on throwing stances and safety precautions, but not a lot showing exactly what happens to the various bits when throwing it: like, does one pull the pin all the way out? Which bits are supposed to fall off? I went with what descriptions and images I could find, I hope it’s more or less accurate. (It may help that Frank has little experience with grenades, and is throwing it with his off-hand, so he probably isn’t doing it perfectly anyway…)

My Google search history must look REALLY suspicious now considering how many variations of “how to throw a grenade” I entered. 😛







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