Up, Up and Away!

I hope they brought parachutes...

Page 218: Up, Up and Away!

The getaway that got away! For the moment…

I’m calling that thing a Rotorbug. Steering is questionable.

Fun Facts:

Iris, being a somewhat botched, demi-turned vampire, lacks most of the cooler vampire abilities, much to her annoyance. So, no flying or turning into a bat! Sorry, Iris! (Not that she doesn’t try, when she thinks nobody’s looking.)

Cadaver has been persistently haunting Carnage since death, despite Carnage’s best efforts to get rid of him. Carnage is resigned to having a ghost around as a useful tool, for now.

And hey! For this page, I found a rare un-inked pencil version kicking around! I don’t have many of those from Chapter One, because I inked over most of the pencils without scanning them (whoops!) If you want to take a peek at that, plus the thumbnailing mess that went into this page, hop over to the Wayward Queen Patreon!

Process for Page 218 Available on Patreon

Next I’ll dig up the sketches for that rotorbug and post the design process on my Patreon (first I need to FIND those sketches, ahaha… They’re in ONE of these piles! Or scattered across several piles. Probably.)







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