What is All This Nonsense?
Her Majesty is Amused

What’s all this about? It’s about the adventures of a dork in another dimension! A dimension fraught with danger and derring-do, peril and pandemonium! Expect close encounters with the absurd, the sublime, and the inexplicable, in the grand tradition of alternate dimensions everywhere!

It’s about the perpetual dilemmas of life in a chronically dysfunctional realm… Can a civilized society function in a world that won’t stop growing? How can any sensible infrastructure be developed when the map changes by the minute? And what is a respectable citizen to do when mountains sprout in the backyard overnight?

And above all it’s about the wanderings of an impossibly wayward queen… Queen Gwenevere the Grandiose!

What else is it about? Read it and find out! Updates once a week!

The Wayward Queen is created by me, Gwenevere Singley, mainly for fun and practice – and hopefully it entertains other people, too! It was more or less conceived around 2006, grew sporadically into its current form between myriad other projects, and was officially unleashed on the world in 2012.

The comic updates once a week, approximately on Thursdays. It’s mostly rated PG13, but be warned there will be episodes of violence and bloody mayhem, bawdiness, bad puns, and barely veiled nudity. (All in good fun, of course.) The story will run for as long as possible. It’s an experiment and an adventure, enjoy the ride!

You can also find Wayward Queen related sketches, outtakes, and non-canon nonsense on my Tumblr, my DeviantArt, and my official sketch blog.