About the Artist

Gwenevere Singley is an illustrator, animator, concept artist, cartoonist, and all-around art wrangler who has been wrangling art professionally for over twenty years. Gwenevere Singley is an independent artist residing in Brooklyn, New York, and splits her time between the creation of personal artwork and stories, and freelance work in the fields of illustration, concept art, and animation. This site collects some of the ongoing personal projects from Gwenevere Singley (there's always something new in the works, so new projects will very likely be added here!) Official portfolio can be found here.

In addition to fielding a broad range of commercial work, Gwenevere Singley is the mastermind of the Wayward Queen webcomic, mistress of a horde of questionable Ink Imps, and source of a myriad other oddities that percolate at intervals from the Gwenesphere.

Contact: gs@gwensingley.com

For more in-depth weirdness from the Gwenesphere, consider joining the fun at patreon.com/QueenGwenevere! (This Patreon is marked 18+ for occasional artistic nudes such as life drawings and similar content.)

Or if you're here for the Wayward Queen webcomic, there's a special Patreon just for that at patreon.com/QueenGwenevere! This is where you can take a peek behind the scenes of the Wayward Queen!